A Poetic Collection by Mark Reed Jr.

An open invitation into the inspired world of Mark Reed Jr., Could You Relate?: A Book Of Poetry is an encouraging and creative collection of descriptive and nostalgic writings for the poetic mind. Released over the weekend, I just so happen to stumble across the open release of his online collection and was instantly intrigued. Surprised to see a full body of work being put out by my one-time fellow college student, I was not as surprised to see how good they actually were. Dancing with the concept of wandering thoughts and compelling memories, I found that each poem has its own pulse. Its own view of the situation. Its own truth. One of my favorites in North Side of Houston was a true testament to that. Giving you a perspective to what the reality is like out there, he takes you around the block on his Huffy bike for a quick ride with changing things for the better on the mind. But as we come to find out, with the search for better days, unfortunately comes the risk of doing anything to find them…

Check out some of my other favorites below and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you would like to contact him, you can do so here (Mark Reed Jr.). Good Job man!

Download the Full Collection here:

Could You Relate A Book of Poetry

Ars Poetica Her North Side Of Houston