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Still Cozy AF

“My thoughts as we were caught in the rain, on a day off, in my favorite sweater, “this Obey sweater from 2010 is still cozy AF.”

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Suede Ways

While it might be no surprise that suede is making a strong move into the spotlight of trending fabrics, this forest green baseball jersey might be the first of many to make a strong move into my closet.

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Autumn ’16 – Pantone Collection

A Unity of Strength, Confidence, and Complexity.

Fully describing the direction of Pantone’s Fall Color Report, this seasons collection of colors revolve around the tranquility, strength, and optimism of the Blue Family. Anchoring a selection of earth tones that are always apart of the fall/winter seasons, this years palette looks to incorporate a more lively and unexpected pop of color.

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The Late Night Oil

Burning the late night oil, the candle isn’t the only thing on fire.

Similar to the light dancing around the room, my mind knew how to groove too.

Riding along a train of thought that never seems to stop, but only buries its tracks in between the still moments of nothing, I stayed up.

When keeping the dream alive keeps me alive, the late night oil is more important than you realize.



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28 huh?…

28 years old… That sound crazy to you?

I can tell it does by the look on everyones faces when I tell them its true.

The frame of someone half my age, some things don’t change, but that’s not whats important

What’s important is the mental state.

28 times I’ve taken my laps around the universal calendar inching towards the oddly unwelcome’d “home stretch”

Only to run into the outlook that there’s nothing left,

But I beg to differ.

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Alone in the Man Cave

Treasure the Solitude


There, in solitude, you have a chance to collect.

Collect your thoughts.

Collect your emotions.

Collect your self.

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Spring into Style 2016: How’d The Men Do?

Easily one the best showings at Phoenix Fashion Weeks annual Spring into Style Show, this year I was glad to see the stylists accept their challenge and even travel passed it. Cutting new shapes and putting together collections that expanded the idea of their assigned challenge, every show has something special to takeaway from it.

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Sprung into Style

If you haven’t caught wind of what happened over this past weekend, Phoenix Fashion Week had its Annual Spring into Style Fashion Show and it was a good reason to go out and show your style. Absolutely one of their best shows yet, I’ll get into my thoughts on that a little later.

For now, let’s get into how I let MY style show at the fashionable event and took from multiple influences to piece together an outfit dripping with My Boy B charisma. A depiction of the character I like my style to exude.

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The Dusty Buffalo

Far From Dusty


Enjoying the warm days and the cool nights happening now in Phoenix, this small glimpse of springtime is only here for the moment before the heat waves and haboobs come rolling through, so make sure go out and play a little. As of late, I’ve been on the move putting the pieces back together for my series of art and fashion shows called Square 1 (which you’ll hear more about very soon *hint hint*), and my days off starting to be anything but “off.” Meeting with other team members, directors, artists, potential sponsors, I have to dress the part for multiple occasions.

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Sunday Fresh

While we’re still in this wintertime that has real bitter bite to it this year, I think we can all benefit from keeping the sweaters and jackets out a little longer than usual. Breezy and chilly on the outside, I like being able to take off a layer when I get inside and move around. (Believe me, you would too when everywhere you go has that heat cranked up a couple of degrees.)

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When Its Chilly Outside / Mood Board


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Phoenix Fashion Week 2015: The Menswear Side


Excited to see what the buzz was about for the menswear designers at Phoenix Fashion Week 2015, I could always count on Eleveé to hit the runway and deliver a well put together collection, but this year I wanted more. More style and more wearability. And after what I saw this years show, I can tell they’re heading in the right direction.

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