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Hip Hop Day 2016

November 19, 2016

Officially dubbed Hip Hop Day by the mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton, it looks like Arizona has its newest official holiday to celebrate. Taking place every 3rd Saturday of November, this years Hip Hop Festival took things to new heights for themselves and the community of artists it serves. Invited to come and capture the experience of the festivities, there was definitely plenty to see.

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A Square 1 Experience: Extra Layers

Part III

The third installment and another successful showing from Square 1 Phx, “Extra Layers” turned out to be a showing that might have been our best one yet. From the amount of people who came out, to the overall presentation inside, the chance to focus on fashion designers and their art form was the opportunity we were waiting for…

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Square 1 PHX: Extra Layers

Part III of the series and featuring the Fashion portion of the experience, Extra Layers is a themed fashion show set up with 3 creative runway shows, spoken word acts, and a good energy to continue building a special series of artistic events.

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A Square 1 Experience: Vibes & Verbs

Part II

The second installment and another successful showing from Square 1 Phx, “Vibes & Verbs” not only gave us exactly what we were looking for in the poetry portion of the series, but shows us the progression of how the experience is growing.

Branching into event production with a group of other creatives assembling a group called Square 1, “Vibes & Verbs” was Part 2 of a 3 part series of artistic and creative experiences happening at MonOrchid Gallery in downtown Phoenix and we can’t wait to get ready for the next one. Setting the vibe and focused on the poetry and literary portion of the series, the Director of Literary Arts Jay Tatum (@unflawedsoul) took the reigns of hosting this time around and did a good job in putting together a colorful and Afropunk themed environment for everyone to play into. Alongside the other team members of Square 1 PHX Tatiana Young, Brandon Greer, and Felicia Gaines, it turned out to be another great showing that surpassed everyone’s expectations…

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A Square 1 Experience: Daydreaming at Night

Part I

A dream come true in more ways than one, “Daydreaming at Night” was not only a huge success to everyone eye’s that attended, but it was the beginning of a creative experience that is certainly on the move.

Branching into event production with a group of other creatives assembling a group called Square 1, “Daydreaming at Night” was Part 1 of a 3 part series of artistic and creative experiences that are going to be happening at MonOrchid Gallery in downtown Phoenix throughout the year.

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Spring into Style 2016: How’d The Men Do?

Easily one the best showings at Phoenix Fashion Weeks annual Spring into Style Show, this year I was glad to see the stylists accept their challenge and even travel passed it. Cutting new shapes and putting together collections that expanded the idea of their assigned challenge, every show has something special to takeaway from it.

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A Series of Square 1 Events: Daydreaming at Night

Welcome to Square 1

A showcase and creative experience that sets the stage for highlighted acts of visual art, poetry performances, and fashion design. A show that connects the local community of artists and represents the root of all great ideas.

Ambitious and better than before, the Square 1 art showcase is back and starting 2016 with a brand new plan. Initiating an entire series of shows happening at the popular Downtown Phoenix venue, MonOrchid Gallery we have the opportunity to not only bring you one show throughout the year, but three! Starting off with a featured spotlight on the Visual Artists and the talent they bring, this is turning into a great way to start things off and bring you to a great experience… Beginning at Square 1.

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Phoenix Fashion Week 2015: The Menswear Side


Excited to see what the buzz was about for the menswear designers at Phoenix Fashion Week 2015, I could always count on Eleveé to hit the runway and deliver a well put together collection, but this year I wanted more. More style and more wearability. And after what I saw this years show, I can tell they’re heading in the right direction.

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Big Props to Roosevelt Row

From the Art Galleries to the record stores, the Cantinas to the Coffee Shops, Roosevelt Row has always been a place of creativity for myself and the community around it. A place to meet new people and embrace the culture that is building me into one of their own. So to the entire neighborhood and the people who live in it, I just want to say, Big Props to you guys!

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Brave Wings Fashion Show “Brought It” in 2015

Exciting. Unique. Beneficial. Polished. Fierce. All of these terms can easily describe the Brave Wings Fashion Show that happened this past Saturday at the W Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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ARTELPHX 4: Spring 2015

An engaging experience for artists and people of all types, the Clarendon Hotel is back again with its self-hosted art installation show, ARTELPHX.

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Spring into Style 2015: Menswear and My Mixed Feelings

Chosen to represent the guys for the spring version of distinctive prints in “PHXFW‘s Menswear Moment”, I can’t ask of too much from menswear stylist Tim Boado, as anyone would want to stand out and create something special for the runway; I just wanted to see a bit more of a style I could actually leave with instead of something that was just fun to look at. The looks had great style, just not my style…

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