From the Art Galleries to the record stores, the Cantinas to the Coffee Shops, Roosevelt Row has always been a place of creativity for myself and the community around it. A place to meet new people and embrace the culture that is building me into one of their own. So to the entire neighborhood and the people who live in it, I just want to say, Big Props to you guys!

If you didn’t hear the good news over the past weekend, Roosevelt Row was named one of the top neighborhoods in the country for its attention to the local community, its newest developments, and its commitment to the cultural art scene. Awarded by the American Planning Association, this is a big deal for the neighborhood. Constantly looking for ways to branch out and improve the experience on Roosevelt Row, it’s awesome to see the notoriety go countrywide. And even though the First Fridays art-walk is its most popular claim to fame, there is a strong sense of pride among the local community that’s taking ahold.

Street walls are painted, galleries are open, grills are cooking, all on one street. I know it might be too hot 6 months out of the year to walk around and enjoy, but as the fall season approaches, you don’t have any other excuse. So as a regular walker on Roosevelt Row, here are some of my favorite places to stop at when I’m roaming around the neighborhood.



Paz Cantina – A “homey” and art inspired cantina right on the corner of Roosevelt, their Chorizo and Egg Torta has me coming in whenever I get a reason to. Right in the heart of the action, you can easily stop in here and get comfortable.






Modified/Arts – An intimate and sheik art gallery also used as studio space during the day, Modified/Arts is always in the loop of featuring new and skillful artists. A “must stop at” on First Fridays.






Lost Leaf Bar and Gallery – A hidden treasure along a side street, the Lost Leaf is no secret to the people who stop in regularly. A disguised simple house turned bar at night, this is definitely a popular spot for drinks and live music.




Angels Trumpet Ale House – An airy gastro-pub with good food and an outside beer garden to hang out in, I always catch myself coming here more and more as weather starts to cool. But with over 60 beers on tap, I don’t need much convincing.






MonOrchid/Be Coffee – My own self-proclaimed home base for Downtown Phoenix, I always make a stop at MonOrchid when I get a chance. Not only do they have some of the best wall space to feature artists in the gallery, but they use the entire venue for creative and entrepreneurial people. Housing a small botanical garden and studio space for rent, the attachment of the coffee shop is right on time. Previously an inhabitant for Songbird Coffee and Tea House, Be Coffee has stepped right in and made an impact. With a homemade Nutella blend to add to the mix, “B” at Be Coffee is starting to become a regular thing.




Hopefully, if you’re a local person missing out on whats happening in Downtown Phoenix, this gives you somewhere to start…