An artists residency on the streets on New York.

Traveling through New York City with the mission to leave behind masterful pieces of artwork for everyday people, Banksy truly made his presence felt throughout the area.

Dedicating himself to have a new piece of work posted all around the city for each day October might have seemed a little eccentric at first, mainly because graffiti is still illegal and New York City is no place to play games with the authority, but leave it up to the expert to make it happen. Excited every morning to see what he did, I was never disappointed. Doing things like using live actors, releasing creative visuals, having traveling pieces move about the city, and hitting memorable places with brilliant and original artwork, were all a part of the adventure. And I’m glad I got to follow along and watch it all happen.

Here are just couple of my favorites from his time in NYC, but make sure to check out the official website at Banksynyc and follow his Instagram page @banksy_co_uk for other pictures that will surly make you a fan.