On Thursday September 4th, Artlink’s 16th Annual Juried Exhibition opened up and presented the masterful work of 26 talented artists in downtown Phoenix’s creative space, The Icehouse. (And of course My Boy B was there to see the show.)

Artlink is one of Phoenix’s major dealers when it comes to non-profit organizations supporting the arts in downtown Phoenix, combining emerging artists with the already established, and setting up some of the biggest art events around the city. And with the 16th Annual Juried Exhibition stopping through, I had to stop by and see what’s happening.

Juried by Phoenix art activists, Jim Ballinger from the Phoenix Art Museum, artist Randy Slack, and community advocate Louise Roman, they were burdened with the task of not only selecting 26 artists to be showcase in the exhibit, but announce a top 3 to be featured as winners.

Going on throughout the entire month of September, make sure to catch the high-profile exhibit and final reception on Third FridaySeptember 19, from 6 – 10 p.m.


I’d have to say that General O, BAMF Series #2, and Faultiness of a Saint: Saint Simon of the Penny Farthing are my favorites. You have any?





JuriedEx16Jayme Blue


JuriedEx14Ranfla – AztecSmurf and Lucretia Torva

JuriedEx13Amanda Phipps


JuriedEx12General O – Rockford Orvin


JuriedEx3Vaca – Julio Rodarte


JuriedEx1Mary Helsaple


JuriedEx18Lisa O’Riley

JuriedEx8Samuel Dahl


JuriedEx6BAMF Series #2 – Lucretia Torva

JuriedEx5Honey Dipper – Lindsay Kraemer (left) — Broken Circles – Ryan Carey (right)

JuriedEx4Profound Reflective Thought- Edward Taylor


Faultiness of a Saint: Saint Simon of the Penny Farthing – Ingrid Schults