So what’s behind door number 1?…

Instantly intrigued by the rich and original concept of what ARTELPHX was looking to accomplish with a complete hotel transformation dedicated to the arts, I knew this event was definitely something I needed to check out.

The Clarendon Hotel played host to a showcase that not only presented 20 different artists to the public, but gave them the opportunity to completely transform an individual room in whatever fashion they may choose. And as a big believer in having your own personal and creative space to work with, I could already tell this was going to be fun. Buzzing all around the complex, the rooms were filled with people trying to catch a look at each artist and see what they did for their space. And so was I.

Wondering into rooms where artists like Christy Puetz and her What Happens In Phoenix Rabbit Collection was being shown, each sculpture piece was spread out on its own, but still somehow involved in the whole concept of the room which made for a pretty cool installation… Artist Marshall Shore also had an interesting setup in his room Slides are my Drug of Choice, displaying his projector slides all around the different walls showing off his love for the Southwest and the history we have here. (The scene actually reminded me of the old movie “Minority Report” with Tom Cruise, but either way, it was definitely a cool use of the space.) And among the other numerous things ARTELPHX put on for the people in its installation takeover, I got the chance to meet a bunch of artists, sign an identity board, watch a laser show completely consume an entire hallway, and even check out some performance dance acts display some talent by the pool.

But the one room that seemed to get everyone coming back for more, was the room Travis J. Farnsworth renovated called Red Rabbit. While completely and thoroughly covering the front and back room with what seemed to be a never ending string of yarn, it definitely brings you into a different space from being outside. And with the estranged and unusual looking rabbit piece in the back staring at you as you enter the back hallway, tempting you, enticing you to dive deeper into the room and embrace all of it. Very cool!

A great installation show put on by the people at the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix and hope I get to come back next year. Make sure to check out the Facebook Page for more information about the ARTELPHX showcase and you be there too.