A modern mama journeying through life with her favorite little human in tow.

“Here at “Faith in Tow” you will see and read about us adventuring to new restaurants, trying out workshops, hiking new mountains, crashing resort pools, hanging out at farmers markets, volunteering, and living life with a purpose!”

Inspired by a newfound love in her new baby Faith (aka Tink), new momma Briana (aka Bri) has now made it a point to instead of sitting in the house and “shriveling up” with her new responsibilities, but better yet, get out and enjoy life with her brand new partner. Hungry for new experiences in travel, food, and fashion, Faith In Tow is set to be a fun and energetic glimpse into the lives of two adventurous little ladies. With bits and pieces of information and future experiences to share, I can already tell this is going to be good.

Spiritually setting up her daughter Faith to become a kind and selfless person, Bri is making it her mission that she’s lives life to its everyday potential, starting from Day 1. How sweet!

Officially launching today, July 1, 2015, make sure to check her out and subscribe to the adventure that is Faith In Tow.




p.s. Even though Bri is my actual sister and Faith is my first niece, from truly knowing my sisters personality, lifestyle, and motivation, this is definitely going to be something worth following. So make sure you do so!… (How was that for a brotherly shoutout?)