Highly anticipated within the TDE community, today Ab-Soul has finally released his long-awaited return album to 2012’s hidden gem Control System. Pieced and crafted together perfectly, These Days… is a just another example of the rapping skills Ab-Soul possesses and the creativity that goes along with it. A mastermind with words, he tends to be so far ahead of you, you don’t exactly understand what he said until about 4 or 5 lines later. Toying with the words right in front of you.

Jumping off with Gods Reign, a mystic and trance like title song to what These Days… is all about, featured SZA on the chorus and is instantly one of my favorites. Along side Stigmata featuring Action Bronson, Hunnid Stax Featuring Schoolboy Q, and World Runners featuring Lupe Fiasco, I can’t deny the fact that I could bounce to this on a daily basis.

A dynamic album covered by creativity and skill, Ab-Soul handedly put together a collection worth listening to a few times, just make sure you can keep up with the word play. You might get lost and have to start over.