Welcome to Square 1

A showcase and creative experience that sets the stage for highlighted acts of visual art, poetry performances, and fashion design. A show that connects the local community of artists and represents the root of all great ideas.

Ambitious and better than before, the Square 1 art showcase is back and starting 2016 with a brand new plan. Initiating an entire series of shows happening at the popular Downtown Phoenix venue, MonOrchid Gallery we have the opportunity to not only bring you one show throughout the year, but three! Starting off with a featured spotlight on the Visual Artists and the talent they bring, this is turning into a great way to start things off and bring you to a great experience… Beginning at Square 1.

Daydreaming at Night


The Visual Arts portion of the artistic experience, Daydreaming at Night is a themed art show meant to inspire and entertain through a collection of hand-picked art pieces and creative acts happening in one place. Spotlighting the local community and the creative culture around us, this is an opportunity to build something for artists, by artists…

Hosted and produced by the creative arts and style blogger My Boy B (Brandon Greer), Square 1 is designed to be a show that represents style, creativity, and mindful insight. A new stage for artists to celebrate and showcase their craft through entertainment and inspirational moments for us to remember. Come out and be inspired.


Date: April 7th, 2016

Time: 7-10pm

Place: MonOrchid Gallery / 214 East Roosevelt Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Host: My Boy B

Price: $7

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