Apparently a couple of months in the making, Library Street Collective’s massive street art endeavor, the Z Project, opened to the public yesterday (January 6th) in Detroit. The project brings together artists from all over the world to paint the walls of a 10-story parking garage, which is now known as “The Z.” The parking garage gallery includes the work of 27 international artists, including Maya Hayuk, Interesni Kazki, Cyrcle, Sam Friedman, Augustine Kofie, Dabs Myla, Smash 137, Gaia, Pose and Revok, just to name a few. Many of the artists come from a street art or contemporary art background that reflects the gallery’s aesthetic. “The project pretty much encapsulates the building that we’re in,” said Anthony Curis of the Library Street Collective. “It’s a very nontraditional space, but Detroit is a very nontraditional city.”

Photos by Sal Rodriguez/Photo313 and theonepointeight.

Article provided by, “The New Contemporary Art Magazine