Pitti Uomo 87, the worlds largest Menswear Fashion Event for designers, buyers, and world-renown style setters, happened last week in Florence, Italy. And even though I didn’t get the chance to travel there and join the crowd of stand-out stylers, I followed along and caught what went down.

But first, if you haven’t heard of Pitti Uomo, let me fill you in… It is the largest collective Menswear Trade Show in the world and it happens twice a year rightfully so in Florence, Italy. Between twenty-five and thirty-five thousand people annually attend the fashion fair, with about twenty thousand people accounted for as company buyers, it definitely stands out as an extremely fashionable function. Masked with finely cut beards and impeccably tailored suits, the crowd itself is a breathing example of what the world of Menswear is actually looking like.

So with this recent event wrapping up, I had some time to soak in what was happening in Florence and what I took away from it online. Here’s what I got…


1. Marni Menswear unveiled their new Fall/Winter Collection and apparently stole the show.

The feature designer for this seasons Pitti Uomo, the popular Italian Fashion Label apparently had huge success showcasing their new collection. Mixing cool color schemes and patterns to their tailor-cut suits, the addition of a trench coat on top made for a very clean-looking outfit. Matched with a pair of mid-top sneakers or boots would be right up my alley.


Marni Menswear Guest Designer of Pitti Uomo 87 - 025

Marni Menswear Guest Designer of Pitti Uomo 87 - 024

Marni Menswear Guest Designer of Pitti Uomo 87 - 016

Marni Menswear Guest Designer of Pitti Uomo 87 - 013

Marni Menswear Guest Designer of Pitti Uomo 87 - 002

Marni Menswear Guest Designer of Pitti Uomo 87 - 007

Marni Menswear Guest Designer of Pitti Uomo 87 - 010


2. The Italian suit will forever be a Menswear centerpiece.

Decorated with topknots, tie bars, and wingtip shoes, the combinations are endless. Of course each person has their own style and touch, but for us men, the suit will always be a baseline for mens fashion… Get used to it.


Pitti Uomo 87_ Pitti People - 009

Pitti Uomo 87_ Pitti People - 031

Pitti Uomo 87_ Pitti People - 036




3. Tilda Swinton and Olivier Saillard put together an interactive performance that took coats and turned heads.

“An intelligent view of the fundamental relationship with our clothes,” The Cloakroom may have been born out of improv, it had a deep meaning that hung around with a lot people who viewed it. An actress turned quiet performer for the night, her inspiration to show the intimacy we share with our clothes was a definite hit for the entertained.






Photos Courtesy of Giovanni Gianonni

4. Your style doesn’t have to yell-out for you to stand out. It does what you want it to do, represent you.

Even among the stylish attendees, people wore themselves. Everything that was done, was done on purpose. Wear your clothes, don’t let your clothes wear you.


Pitti Uomo 87_ Pitti People - 039

Pitti Uomo 87_ Pitti People - 046

Pitti uomo 87_ the tradeshow - 002





5. Menswear is officially no longer an afterthought.

The top style setters, editors, and company’s all come out to play at Pitti Uomo. Thousands went out to show there support for Menswear and take part in the business of bringing the style of the world, right into your closet.


Pitti Uomo 87_ Pitti People - 011

Pitti uomo 87_ the tradeshow - 001-2

Pitti uomo 87_ the tradeshow - 005

Pitti uomo 87_ the tradeshow - 022







Photos Courtesy of Pitti Imagine Uomo