28 years old… That sound crazy to you?

I can tell it does by the look on everyones faces when I tell them its true.

The frame of someone half my age, some things don’t change, but that’s not whats important

What’s important is the mental state.

28 times I’ve taken my laps around the universal calendar inching towards the oddly unwelcome’d “home stretch”

Only to run into the outlook that there’s nothing left,

But I beg to differ.


28 years in and still growing because the still growing is whats important part,

The person didn’t change, only my perspective did.

A collection of days grouped into years, my age only describes how many chances I’ve had to live.

Blessed to have a stockpile of references and be able to stand after I sit,

Some lives are much harder than this, so I remain thankful.


Thankful to be making way around for the 28th time.

Thankful that people can see the changes in me as I can see the changes in them.

Thankful that my intentions continue to be positive and reflect my passion to create.

Thankful that my family and friends continue to build with me.

Thankful to have seen failure.

Thankful to have seen success.

Thankful to have seen growth.


Thank you to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday! It turned out to be a special one and I have you to thank for that.

– B / @myboyb


Photos taken by Johnny Rios : Edited by My Boy B