Happy 2014 Everyone!…

Continuing from last years “No More Resolutions” theme, my heralded and forward-thinking List of Accomplishments for 2014 is officially done.


Just in case you don’t know what I mean, last year I came up with a list I called 2013’s List of Accomplishments as a way to hold myself responsible for some of my personal and professional goals. Instead of putting together a list of things I “wanted to do”, I made a list of things “I have already done”. And by simply proclaiming them before they even happen, I constantly put myself in position for me to do them.
It might be a little crazy to some people, but I assure you, it’s a great way to look at the future. I want to look back at this next year and say, “WOW! 2014 was everything I expected it to be. And it’s because I knew exactly what I wanted to happen the whole time.” Believe me. Everything you want to happen, will happen, if you constantly think they are going to happen.
I urge you all to do the same thing. Get that same list of goals you wanted to accomplish this year, and just simply change the tense of the words. Change the whole notion about the process of hopefully doing your goals “someday”, into a proclamation about YOU said YOU were going to do. Big or small, some of the best things we’ve all done, were something we actually put our minds to and did.


Impress yourself. Be accountable for your own story.

Here’s my List of Accomplishments and I hope you all make one too.


  • Bought/ Received 3 new pieces of original artwork from 3 different artists.
  • Successfully completed at least 2 Main-Stream creative art campaigns curated through MyBoyB.com.
  • Branched out and did media coverage for 3 different events out of the state.
  • Attended at least 5 Open Mic Nights
  • Attended Phoenix Fashion Week.


What’s on your List of Accomplishments for 2014?