Suede Ways

While it might be no surprise that suede is making a strong move into the spotlight of trending fabrics, this forest green baseball jersey might be the first of many to make a strong move into my closet.

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A Square 1 Experience: Extra Layers

Part III

The third installment and another successful showing from Square 1 Phx, “Extra Layers” turned out to be a showing that might have been our best one yet. From the amount of people who came out, to the overall presentation inside, the chance to focus on fashion designers and their art form was the opportunity we were waiting for…

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Autumn ’16 – Pantone Collection

A Unity of Strength, Confidence, and Complexity.

Fully describing the direction of Pantone’s Fall Color Report, this seasons collection of colors revolve around the tranquility, strength, and optimism of the Blue Family. Anchoring a selection of earth tones that are always apart of the fall/winter seasons, this years palette looks to incorporate a more lively and unexpected pop of color.

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The Late Night Oil

Burning the late night oil, the candle isn’t the only thing on fire.

Similar to the light dancing around the room, my mind knew how to groove too.

Riding along a train of thought that never seems to stop, but only buries its tracks in between the still moments of nothing, I stayed up.

When keeping the dream alive keeps me alive, the late night oil is more important than you realize.



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28 huh?…

28 years old… That sound crazy to you?

I can tell it does by the look on everyones faces when I tell them its true.

The frame of someone half my age, some things don’t change, but that’s not whats important

What’s important is the mental state.

28 times I’ve taken my laps around the universal calendar inching towards the oddly unwelcome’d “home stretch”

Only to run into the outlook that there’s nothing left,

But I beg to differ.

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Peace in Mind

“A simple fragment of thought that leads to harmony within the spirit,

Peace is more than an agreement with the people of the world, but a unity within your own.

A constant hunt for the reminder that an accord with yourself is best done inside, we’re all looking for that piece to find.

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And she was mesmerizing…

“And she was mesmerizing.

As she moved liked nobody was watching, that was hardly the case.

Stealing what was already given to her, my attention was next to go.

She inspired me. She taught me. She tested me.

And I was ok with that…”

– B

 A note to all the women in my life, friends and family, I appreciate you in more ways than one.

Keep being proud. Keep being impactful. Keep being strong. Keep dancing.

A Square 1 Experience: Vibes & Verbs

Part II

The second installment and another successful showing from Square 1 Phx, “Vibes & Verbs” not only gave us exactly what we were looking for in the poetry portion of the series, but shows us the progression of how the experience is growing.

Branching into event production with a group of other creatives assembling a group called Square 1, “Vibes & Verbs” was Part 2 of a 3 part series of artistic and creative experiences happening at MonOrchid Gallery in downtown Phoenix and we can’t wait to get ready for the next one. Setting the vibe and focused on the poetry and literary portion of the series, the Director of Literary Arts Jay Tatum (@unflawedsoul) took the reigns of hosting this time around and did a good job in putting together a colorful and Afropunk themed environment for everyone to play into. Alongside the other team members of Square 1 PHX Tatiana Young, Brandon Greer, and Felicia Gaines, it turned out to be another great showing that surpassed everyone’s expectations…

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Out and About with “Skip and Space”

Hmmm, what to do today, what to do?…




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Alone in the Man Cave

Treasure the Solitude


There, in solitude, you have a chance to collect.

Collect your thoughts.

Collect your emotions.

Collect your self.

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